Data Backups

Your sites are totally backed–up with us

We make back–up copies of your web site content regularly, which implies that you never ever risk losing your website files, web apps, databases, emails, etc. as a result of hack attacks or involuntary deletions on your end. Moreover, thanks to the File Manager which is conveniently incorporated into the Online Control Panel, you can make manual backups of your website content whenever you want. Just mark and archive the folder(s) you want to back up and our system will save it on your behalf in the location that you’ve indicated.


A secure web app firewall program

All our shared web hosting packages are provided with ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a little Apache module that does a marvelous job – it functions as a web app firewall, effectively safeguarding your sites against hacker attacks. And everything takes place automatically, without you having to configure or tweak anything. Your web sites will become defended the very moment you choose to host them with us.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous surfing

In case, for whatever reason, you wish to mask your digital footprint, we have the ideal solution for you. With any of our shared web hosting plans, you will be able to gain VPN access and have all your inbound and outbound website traffic re–routed through one of our VPN data centers. And you can take full advantage of the exact same Virtual Private Network settings on virtually any gadget that is connected to the World Wide Web – your desktop personal computer, your laptop computer, your cell phone, etc..

24x7 Support

Contact us twenty–four–seven

You can contact us 24–7 with all the questions that you might have regarding our shared web hosting services. You can reach us via e–mail and through the ticket platform and we’ll reply to you in maximum 1 hour. As a matter of fact, our average response time is less than 20 mins. In addition, you can call us on the phone or use our live chat service during work hours.

Faster Performance

We have upgraded the network bandwidth to some 10 Gbit/s to ensure better online connectivity and astonishingly fast speeds for your websites.

Additional servers will streamline routine maintenance procedures and will minimize annoying service disturbances and outages. Furthermore, user accounts are now located on solid–state disks, which have proven to be much faster and more stable as compared to the regular hard disks.

Website Installer

Launch your own personal site with just a mouse click

Our plans offer you a fast and easy way to develop your very own web site, even if you don’t have any tech capabilities. With the Instant Web Site Installer integrated into the PlanetAloha.Info Online Control Panel, creating your personal or business site is astonishingly simple – just pick out the kind of web site you would like along with a desired web site skin. We will set up your brand new site immediately and will give you details on how to control it with a click of the mouse.

A Database Manager

An easy method to control databases

With many hosting distributors, database management is unnecessarily lengthy. To create a functional database, you need to go through three separate steps. With our Database Manager, you’ll have to go through just 1 step – the name of the database and the password. And that’s it.

We’ve also included a single–click database backup tool. There’s no need to log into the phpMyAdmin tool to back up a database.

Email Manager

An all–embracing email management tool

The Email Account Manager incorporated in the Online Control Panel has an easy–to–use user interface with numerous email controls. You’ll be able to redirect emails to another e–mail account, activate custom email filters, control the anti–spam protection levels, generate custom auto–responder messages, anti–spoofing protect your domain, create e–mail lists, etc. How–to e–mail administration video tutorials are offered too.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your database

Establishing a remote MySQL connection can be difficult with other web hosting companies. At PlanetAloha.Info, we have made the procedure pretty simple – what you need to do is define the IP address of the hostname you wish to give access and our clever platform will deal with everything else. A remote MySQL database connection can be really useful if you wish to share a database among a set of web sites.

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