Mailing list subscribers are individuals that receive mass email messages, such as weekly and/or monthly newsletters. Depending on the mailing list management software that’s used to manage a given list, they may have subscribed personally, giving their categorical consent to be included in the mailing list, or they may have been added manually. The latter suggests that they will technically receive unsolicited emails. Ordinarily, mailing list members can be managed by the mailing list owner who can authorize or remove them, or they can unsubscribe manually if they don’t want to receive messages in the future. All mailing list subscribers will invariably receive the exact same content provided that they are part of the same mailing list, but a single subscriber will never be able to view the remaining mailing list subscribers in the "To" section of the message.
Mailing List Members in Shared Web Hosting
Managing the subscribers for any mailing list set up under a shared web hosting account with our company will be extremely easy. We use a full-featured piece of software called Majordomo – one of the most widely used mailing list managers for creating and managing mailing lists out there. It will allow you to add, to delete or to see all the mailing list members by simply sending an email to Freshly added members have to verify their membership, so you cannot simply add an email address and begin sending periodic messages to it using a mailing list without the categorical permission of the user. If you stumble upon any problems, we have a detailed educational article in the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that is included with each and every web hosting account, as well as a 24x7 help desk team, which will help you with any questions with regard to the mailing list features.
Mailing List Members in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Each and every semi-dedicated server that we offer will allow you to create electronic mailing lists with as many subscribers as you wish. The advanced Majordomo mailing list client that we provide will give you total authority over your subscribers. You will be able to import and to remove members or to see a complete list of all present members. The new ones will get a verification email and they will need to agree to become part of a given list and to get messages in the future. You can manage the mailing lists that you’ve set up and the mailing list subscribers from any place or device without having to sign in to your Hepsia Control Panel – you just need to send a message to In case you are not certain how to complete a specific task, you can always check the help articles about Majordomo that will be available in your hosting Contol Panel.